Tips to Shop Like A Pro

Tips to shop like a pro

Grace Rivera is a Fitness & Bikini Competitor, ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  1. Avoid grocery shopping on an empty stomach. After you’ve eaten a Good meal, you’ll be more likely to limit your food choices to what you “need” rather than what you “crave”.
  2. Learn how to effectively read food labels in order to make educated decisions at the shelf.
  3. Stay away from free sampling at the grocery store. You may become more susceptible to impulse purchases.
  4. When buying meats in bulk, be sure to freeze anything you don’t plan to use immediately. This will help your budget and help keep foods fresher for longer.
  5. Make decisions on what fruits and vegetables to add to your cart based on what is “in season”. Produce that is not in season is more likely to have a higher price tag.

◊ Grace Rivera is a Team Body Fortress® Athlete