Ultimate Muscle Mass Builder*

Too often, hard-gainers who strive to pack on muscle mass neglect one of the most important determining factors – you’ve ;t to eat big to get big. Body Fortress® knows that your body needs a surplus of calories and key nutrients in order to stimulate growth. That’s why our Super Advanced Mass Gainer has been formulated to deliver over 1,000 mass building calories†, because muscle is’t built with marketing gimmicks.* It takes heavy lifting in and out of the gym.

Key Benefits:

  • Training Key Nutrients to Build Size, Strength & Lean Mass*
  • Recovery Carbs to Replenish Muscles & Boost Post-Workout Recovery*
  • BCAAs High Concentration of Naturally Occurring BCAAs
  • Free Contains Zero Aspartame – Zero Gluten – Zero Gimmicks

It’s time to trash those old-fashioned low carb trends and realize that carbohydrates are your friend. In addition to your body using carbs as a source of workout fuel, they also provide vital post-workout nutrition.* Super Advanced Mass Gainer combines carbohydrates, premium protein, and a full 2.5g dose of Betapower® Betaine to improve recovery, support lean mass, and create a more effective muscle building formula.*


For adults, mix 1 serving (3 scoops) with 12 fl. oz. of water or for maximum mass building, mix 2 servings (6 scoops) with 20 – 24 fl. oz. of water. Amount of liquid can be increased or decreased in order to reach desired level of consistency.

Available Sizes: 2.25LB, 4LB

Results may vary.

Per 6 Scoops