Top 5 Reasons to Track Your Workouts

Top 5 Reasons to Track Your Workouts

Optimize Training

You’ve Gotten great results over the past few months, but you can’t remember exactly what worked so well for you. This is where tracking your workouts can play a huge part in optimizing training. When you notice your performance in the gym improving, the source of your progress can be found by referring to your training logs. Conversely, you will be able to identify the reasons why you might not have seen the results you were hoping for. As you continually learn from your training logs, you’ll be able to pinpoint which techniques worked best for you en-route to creating a more efficient workout routine.

Injury Prevention

When recording workouts you’re not only keeping track of what has worked for you, but also what hasn’t. If nagging injuries pop up, you’ll be able to refer to your training logs and identify exactly what may have led to certain aches and pains. Whether you need to adjust the load, volume or structure of your routine, all of the info will be right at your finger-tips.

Stay On Track

Besides providing great insights into your workouts, your training log can also serve as a great motivational tool. It will remind you each and every day why you started training and what Goals you set out to achieve. Tracking your workouts will also provide you with a sense of accountability in regards to training. There will be days when it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed at 6AM to Go to the gym, but the thought of a blank journal entry will make you think twice about falling off the wa Gon.

Get Organized

Achieving progress in the gym is all about adding weight to the bar and beating your last performance. It may be difficult to push yourself past your limits however, if you’re not sure what your limits are. By tracking your workouts, you will be able to enter the gym each and every day with clear game plan for success.

Boost Confidence

After months and months of tracking workouts it can be very rewarding to look back and realize how much progress you’ve made since Day 1. This type of success can Go a long way towards building valuable confidence and self-esteem. You’ve achieved your Goals; now imagine what else you are capable of.

**Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet/supplement program.