Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Your New Sport

Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Your New Sport

5. Gear Goggles?

You don’t need the latest sports fitness wear no matter how cool it will make you look. Wait until you are at least past the beginner’s stage of your sport until you treat yourself to that $80, er Gonomically designed pilates shirt.

4. Shoe Horse?

You always want to have the right performance footwear for whatever sport you are undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be the very top of the food chain. Ask yourself if you need those $160 basketball shoes, or if the $50 pair would do just as Good.

3. Beg & Borrow.

The best way to know that new snowboard, surfboard, bike or whatever will be right for you is to try it out first. Whether that means renting from a pro shop or begging your buddy to try out his new toy, do whatever you can to try out the gear before you make a hefty investment in your new sport.

2. Sell it.

If you’ve just found a new passion for mountain biking, consider selling your road bike. If you have just found a love for tennis, maybe its time to put your Golf clubs on eBay®. It’s better to sell the sports equipment you are not using now before it’s just outdated junk.

1. Put Your Sport to Work.

When you get Good enough to master a sport, a great way to balance some of your expenditures is to make it work for you. Organize that ski trip so your trip is free. Give lessons. Ref some games. Be involved in the community you love and start reaping the rewards for being passionate for your sport.