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Seasonal Fall Foods to Help Your Fuel-Up

This fall is a great opportunity to incorporate certain seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet that will help you transform YOUR BODY into YOUR FORTRESS. Although some of the following foods are available throughout the year, they will have the best value and best taste during the fall season...  Read More »

Your Fall Guide to Fitness

Whether you were able to reach your fitness goals this past summer or not, the fall season is no time to take your foot off the gas. It's true, the weather has cooled and you won't be spending as much time in a swimsuit, but the Fall Season is still a perfect time to renew your focus and reset your goals. Get some tips for staying fit during the cooler months.  Read More »

Body Fortress Master Training, Terry Hairston's Keys to Fitness Success

The key to making your fitness dreams a reality, regardless of the goal, requires a strong foundation. The building blocks of this foundation consist of proper nutrition, supplementation, workout regime and cardio. This is how it is DONE.  Read More »

Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Your New Sport

When you get good enough to master a sport, a great way to balance some of your expenditures is to make it work for you. You don't need the latest sports fitness wear no matter how cool it will make you look.  Read More »

Building Your Fortress on a Budget

Check out these key pieces of equipment that can give you a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home and won’t break the bank!  Read More »


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