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Stacking with Body Fortress Master Trainer, Terry Hairston


Stacking with Body Fortress Master Trainer, Terry Hairston

By Terry Hairston, CPT
Owner of Team America Fitness II & Trainer of IFBB Pro Kim “Babydoll” Harris

Along with practicing nutrition the S.M.A.R.T. way and building a strong workout foundation, one may need to add supplements to their regime based on the different demands placed on their bodies. Certain pieces to the puzzle if missing or not placed in the correct position may impede your progress.

When adding a supplement stack to your daily nutrition, proper timing of each meal and measuring out the correct amount of your protein intake (not eyeballing or guessing) are a few of the ways that may help to ensure that you are giving your body the appropriate nutrients it needs to produce the results you want. Your body needs to have proper nutritional balance in order to prevent a catabolic state. A catabolic state may occur when your body becomes depleted of nutrients and as a result, all of your hard work and time invested can be unproductive.

By supplementing my meals with Body Fortress NOS Blast, Super Advanced Whey Protein, NOS Pump and BCAA 2200, I can get my best workouts and give 110%. For my Pre-Workout I use Body Fortress NOS Blast mixed with a serving of Glutamine powder. NOS Blast gives my body the energy, focus, power and pump I need for my intense workouts.* The L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that precedes nitric oxide production dilates my arteries and improves blood flow to my muscles.* The addition of Glutamine powder to my stack (which I supplement three times a day; pre-workout, post workout and before bed) prevents my body from taking it from my muscles to use for nitrogen transport.* A positive nitrogen balance from protein along with suitable Glutamine levels are needed in an attempt to improve muscle mass.*

For my Post-Workout I take 1 serving of Body Fortress NOS Pump, a serving of Super Advanced Whey Protein and a serving of BCAA 2200. After a workout your body is craving nutrients so you would need a fast digesting protein to absorb and elevate your amino acid levels.* I also have another serving of Glutamine as it aids in protein synthesis and my Glutamine levels get depleted after intense exercise.*

With the day behind me and my workout and meals done it is time for my body to rest and recover. I can feel good that with all my meals in, my supplements taken and my workout done…all with proper timing…I can mark today a success.

Best wishes to you all as you begin your way to a happy and healthy 2013!!!

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