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Intra-Workout & Thermogenic Guide


Intra-Workout & Thermogenic Guide


Why do you train? Is it to get bigger muscles in the gym, to get better at your sports or maybe you're preparing for an upcoming race? Although we may all have different goals in mind, the one consistent aspect of our training is we always strive to perform at our best. For someone looking to make the most out of their training sessions, adding an Intra-Workout supplement to your routine may be the key to taking your performance to the next level.* Intra-Workout supplements are ideally taken during your workout and can offer a wide range of benefits that include; Strength, Hydration and Recovery.*

A key component of many Intra-Workout products is the inclusion of branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) along with other essential amino acids (EAA's). BCAA's are often led by L-Leucine; an amino acid that offers support for muscle strength and power.*

When you sweat, you are losing key nutrients known as electrolytes. Electrolytes such as sodium are needed to help regulate fluid balance.* This allows blood flow and nutrient delivery to active muscles to be maintained during exercise.* It is important to have an Intra-Workout supplement that contains these electrolytes so you can replenish what you sweat out.* They also help to promote hydration when taken with adequate fluids.*

Not only do Intra-Workout supplements help you reach your peak during training, they also help you recover faster when you're finished.* Ingredients such as L-Carnitine Tartrate improve the rate of exercise recovery so you can be back in the gym quicker and ready for your next workout.*


Thermogenic supplements can be an ideal addition to any fitness routine where you need to crush some of the major challenges associated with dieting or cutting weight.* Of course there is no such thing as a "magic pill", but a properly formulated Thermogenic supplement can help you achieve your goals by offering benefits in the following areas; Help Calorie Burning, Muscular Strength Support and Elevated Energy Levels.*

Thermogenic supplements can kick-start your metabolism and help increase the rate at which your body burns calories.* Dieting down or cutting weight is all about calories in vs. calories out. If you are burning more calories throughout the day than you are consuming you are in what is known as a calorie deficit. Your body burns calories and converts them to energy, but in a calorie deficit, your body is forced to search for other sources of energy, which may include stored body fat.

As we mentioned, your body uses calories for energy, so one of the challenges of dieting is dealing with lower energy levels. Thermogenic supplements that include caffeine can help to keep your energy and focus at peak levels so you can crush your workouts and power through your day.* Another effect a calorie deficit can have on the body is decreases in muscle strength. It is important to find a Thermogenic supplement that contains ingredients such as L-Leucine that will work to support strength and power so you can preserve that hard earned muscle as you continue to diet towards your goals.*


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