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Concentrate on Curls


Concentrate on Curls

Concentrate on building bigger biceps with this Fortress Building exercise.**

Seated Concentration Curl

Stabilizes the body and reduces the tendency to “swing” the arms.

  • Step 1. Sit down on a flat bench with your feet on the floor, legs spread and knees bent.
  • Step 2. While holding a dumbbell, place the back of your right upper arm on the top of your inner right thigh. Make sure your palm is facing directly away from your thigh.
  • Step 3. Curl the weight upward towards your shoulder while keeping your upper arm stationary. Only your forearm should be moving at this point continue upward until the biceps is fully contracted.
  • Step 4. Slowly bring the dumbbell back to its starting position and repeat.

**Consult your doctor before beginning any diet or workout routine.

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