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Building Your Body Fortress Stack


Building Your Body Fortress Stack

Supplement stacks are a group of supplements that are designed to deliver specific benefits while working together to help maximize your training. How you build your stack will depend on what your fitness goals are. Most likely your stack will include any if not all three of the following; Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout and Post-Workout supplements.

  • Pre-Workout supplements are great for anyone looking to kick-start their routines and maximize their training. Most PWO’s contain a blend of various key ingredients that may include, but are not limited to; L-Arginine, Creatine and/or Caffeine. The right PWO can help take your gym sessions to the next level by supporting strength, energy, endurance and focus. With literally hundreds of PWO supplements available choosing the right one can sometimes be a daunting task, but it is important to base your decision on your budget and personal goals.
  • Intra-Workout supplements are products intended to be used during your training sessions. A few key ingredients to consider when building your intra-workout supplement are; BCAA’s, Vitamin B6 and additional amino acids such as Glutamine. During intense exercise the body may enter a Catabolic State, where muscles become depleted due to fatigue. Supplementing intra-workout may help to increase recovery and avoid the breakdown of muscle.
  • Did you know that muscle growth doesn’t occur when you are actually in the gym pumping iron? Muscle growth is achieved when the body is at rest and the muscles broken down during exercise are being rebuilt. Post-Workout supplements such as Whey Protein are key because they ensure the body has the proper nutrients it needs for your muscles to recover and repair after training.* While protein may be found in many whole food sources, supplementing with Whey Protein will allow for a fast absorbing and convenient way to make sure your body is getting everything it needs to support lean muscle and promote workout recovery.*

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