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Super Advanced

Chocolate Whey Isolate Protein Powder

60g Ultra Pure Protein! (per 2 scoops)
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Body Fortress® Super Advanced Whey ISOLATE Protein is an ultra high quality protein designed to provide maximum support for lean muscle, strength and exercise recovery.* Super Whey Isolate contains protein that is processed using microfiltration to ensure an isolated whey that contains a minimum of 90% protein with minimal lactose and fat. These isolation processes separate the valuable protein from non-protein materials yielding highly purified whey isolate.

Body Fortress® Super Advanced Whey Isolate provides all of the benefits Whey protein is known for and more, by carefully removing the fat and lactose that you don’t need while increasing the percentage of aminos as compared to regular whey concentrate.

  • Over 8 grams of BCAA’s
  • 98.5% Lactose Free
  • Microfiltered for faster absorption and delivery.
  • Instantized Whey Isolate – to further enhance mixability and dispersion in liquid.
  • Delivers a high quality Whey Isolate protein with a higher amino acid profile gram for gram than ordinary Whey Concentrate.
  • Enhanced with additional free-form amino acids to work synergistically with Whey Isolate's high concentration of aminos.

Fill a Body Fortress Shaker Cup with 6-8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. Add one scoop and shake for 25 – 30 seconds. Serious athletes and bodybuilders should consume 1-2 scoops immediately after exercise.

^^ For Mass Gaining: add higher calorie foods such as peanut butter, 1-2% Milk, and fruit juices.
^^ For Dieters: add lower calorie foods such as skim milk or just use water.

Per 2 Scoops

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Super Advanced Whey ISOLATE
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