Building A Successful Workout Plan

Building A Successful Workout Plan

When it comes to Building Muscle, Gaining Strength or Getting Lean, the importance of a rock-solid routine cannot be understated. Routinely getting quality sleep to ensure Your Body has an opportunity to recover. Routinely eating the right foods to guarantee Your Body is getting the proper nutrients needed to grow. Routinely pushing Yourself during training to stimulate progress. These are the keys to Transforming Your Body into Your Fortress.

With regards to Training…Failure to Plan is most definitely Planning to Fail. Not to say Training should take precedence over Diet or Rest, but the quality of your workout routine can easily make or break your Goal crushing aspirations. One tried and true method used by many professional bodybuilders to this day is Split Training. Simply put, a Split Routine contains several different training sessions per week in which specific muscle groups are targeted. There are many different ways to construct your Split Routine, which is why this training method can prove to be so beneficial.

Here are our Top 3 Rules to follow when building your workouts:

  1. Begin by evaluating your body’s weak points. Once identified, you can tailor your routine to place more of an emphasis on these weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.
  2. Kick off your workout with compound exercises targeting large muscle groups and end with isolation exercises for smaller complimentary muscle groups. Example: Working chest and finishing off your routine with triceps.
  3. If you begin to notice your results slowing, it may be time to switch up your split. An effective change to your routine could be as simple as re-organizing the days in which you train specific muscle groups or possibly alternating which muscle groups you pair together during training.

**Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet/supplement program.