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Former WEC Lightweight World Champion

  • Jamie Varner - MMA Lightweight Contender
  • Jamie Varner - MMA Lightweight Contender
  • Jamie Varner - MMA Lightweight Contender


Nickname: C-4
MMA Record: 21-9-1 2NC
Class: Lightweight

Height: 5’ 8”    Weight: 155 lbs.
Born: October 12, 1984

From: Phoenix, Arizona
Trains Out of: Impact MMA, Arizona


Career Highlights

  • Former WEC Lightweight Champion
  • 3X UFC® Fight of the Night Honors
  • Sherdog Awards:
    2012 Upset of the Year
  • World MMA Awards:
    2012 Fight of the Year


Jamie Varner Fortress Building Stack

Fortress Fighter

- Triple Strength L-Carnitine 1500
- Super Advanced Whey Isolate
- Super NOS Blast

Jamie Varner Fortress Building Workout

MMA Training Camp

(Strength & Conditioning Circuit)**

Deadlift, Squat or Power Clean
(Alternate Each Day)
- 3 Sets of 8-10 Reps

Circuit Training
(Repeat 4-5 Times) - Weighted Sled Push: 30-45 Seconds
- Pull-Ups:10-15 Reps
- Box Jumps:10-15 Reps
- Push-Ups:10-15 Reps

** Consult your doctor before beginning any diet or workout routine.


MMA Pre-Fight
Meal Plan

Meal 1: Early AM Snack
- 1 Cup Fresh Fruit: Mango, Pineapple, Mixed Berries.

Meal 2: Breakfast
- 4 Egg Whites
- 1/2 Cup Oatmeal
- 1/2 Cup Fresh Fruit

Meal 3: Lunch
- 1 Cup Quinoa
- 1/2 Cup Baby Spinach
- 4 Ounces Grilled Chicken Breast

Meal 4
- Duplicate of Meal 3

Meal 5: Dinner
- 4 Cups Garden Salad
- 1 Can of Tuna

Super Advanced Whey Isolate Protein Shakes & BCAA 2200
- After each workout (2-3 per day)

Q + A with Jamie Varner

When did you become interested in MMA and how did you get involved?
I first started watching MMA with my parents when it was on PPV every so often in the 90's. My mother was actually the first person to introduce me to a guy that trained and fought in MMA. I started training in 2002 before my senior year of high school and had my first fight in March of 2003.

How did you get your nickname, Jamie “C-4” Varner?
After my WEC Title Fight people started talking about how explosive I was so my training partners picked up on it and started calling me C4. I didn't mind the nickname, so we stuck with it!

If you were not fighting, what type of career do you think you’d have?
That is an easy answer. I would be in the business or financial industry. Most likely I’d be an accountant or financial advisor. I enjoy analyzing numbers (and prefer big numbers!!).

Describe a typical day in the life of Jamie Varner.
Train, eat, train, eat and sleep then train some more ;)

I go through numerous different training sessions each day with an intense schedule including; strength and conditioning, then off to the MMA gym (either AZCS or the Lab, sometimes hitting both gyms the same day) to get in some boxing, wrestling, jui jitsu, etc… Between training sessions, I may head home for a mini-nap to re-charge for the next workout.

Later in the day I may swim with some of the guys at ASU or do some yoga at a local studio. I like doing hot yoga when getting close to a fight to slowly get some weight off. While in training camp I eat very clean and prepare most of my meals, so I am in the kitchen a few times a day! On the weekend, I like to spend time with my family while letting my body recover for the next week of hard training that is ahead!

What would you say has been the highlight of your career in MMA so far?
Winning the WEC world title via TKO in 2008 over Rob McCullough and then my UFC comeback fight vs Edson Barboza. I KO'd Barboza in the first round, when many people had been talking about him as the next big thing at 155lbs.

For the fans that haven’t yet had a chance to see you in action, describe your fighting style and your demeanor in the Octagon.
Overall I am fortunate to be very athletic and that translates to being a well-rounded fighter inside the cage. This is an advantage that I have over most opponents and it gives me confidence wherever a fight may go. My boxing and wrestling is what I'm most known for, but I'm very explosive with powerful hands.

You’ve now competed in two Reebok® Spartan Races, what is it about these events that spark your interest?
I love being physically active and competing. These races keep my training fresh and they’re something to look forward to between fights. I'd have to say I love how physically and mentally challenging the races are. After all the hard training is put in and after finally crossing that finish line, it is a great feeling of accomplishment. It’s also an amazing atmosphere as competing racers are encouraging each other to push hard.

How have Body Fortress® products helped you in training?
Body Fortress products help in all aspects of my physical life. I would recommend them to anybody who is looking for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Your weekend warrior or everyday Joe can benefit from these products just like I do as a professional athlete. Body Fortress has all of the supplements that I need to fuel my body, which enables me to train and compete to the best of my ability. I use Body Fortress every day for both pre and post workout.

What is your go-to Cheat Meal?
I’d have to say Pepperoni Pizza.

As you continue your career in MMA, what goals are you looking to accomplish?
I am looking to win fights and move up the rankings in the 155lb Division. I feel that my skill set is definitely on par with the best fighters in the world and I want to put on exciting bouts for the fans. I really enjoy the great feedback and support they give me. If fans weren't watching and so energetic about the sport, then we wouldn't be competing on huge platforms such as FOX and PPV.

Opening a gym would be something I’d be interested in as I continue my career. I’d also like to start a family someday and watch my kids grow up to do whatever it is they want; maybe MMA, piano, baseball or anything they feel passionate about!

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