3 Moves for Bigger Biceps**


My male personal training clients are always interested in increasing the size of their biceps. Although biceps are not the largest muscle on the body, they are one of the most showy muscle groups. Incorporating the following three exercises in your exercise routine will help you develop well defined biceps.

  • Standing Barbell Curls – Using a barbell to perform bicep curls allows you to lift heavier weight than using dumbbells. To begin this exercise, stand with feet hip-width apart, holding the barbell at a starting position in front of the thighs. With abs engaged, squeeze the barbell up towards the shoulders in a slow, controlled motion focusing on the tension created in the bicep. Make sure to keep the elbows close to the body and bring the weight up without moving the elbows away. Slowly lower the barbell to starting position keeping a bend in the elbow to maintain the tension in the biceps. Repeat this movement for 8-12 repetitions completing 3 sets using a weight that fatigues the muscle towards the end of each set.
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls – Incline dumbbell curls are a Good alternative to seated dumbbell curls in the sense that they help eliminate momentum for lifting the weight. Using an incline bench that is set at about 45 degrees, lie with back flat to the bench and feet flat to the floor holding two dumbbells at sides with an underhand grip. Keeping elbows close to the side of the body, slowly curl one dumbbell at a time up towards the shoulder with palms facing up. Make sure the back stays flat to the bench and keep tension in the biceps. Slowly lower the weight to starting position while alternating arms. Try not to engage the shoulders but focus on the bicep. Complete 8-12 repetitions per arm for 3 sets using a weight that fatigues the bicep at the end of each set.
  • Concentration Curls – Concentration curls are an excellent exercise to perform at the end of a bicep workout. As the name implies, concentration curls require you concentrate your energy on using the bicep to lift the weight. To perform a concentration curl, sit at the end of a bench with a dumbbell in your right hand. Bending forward, rest the right elbow on the inside of the right thigh with arm extended towards the floor. Slowly contract the muscle up towards the shoulder keeping the elbow still while feeling the tension in the bicep. Then lower back to starting position without extending the arm all the way towards the floor to keep a slight tension in the bicep. Repeat this exercise 8-12 times then switch hands and repeat. Complete 3 sets of this exercise per hand using a weight that will challenge and fatigue the muscle.

**Consult your doctor before beginning any diet or workout routine.