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I started using your Whey Protein about a year ago because of the price but kept using it because it tastes better then anything else and it´s a great price!  I lost a bunch of weight during this time and bulked up a bunch and I contribute a lot of that to the fact that your whey protein goes down so easy. I use it for recipes, morning meals and post workout. Keep up the good work and I will continue to buy.

Nick T. 2014-11-26

For the past year I’ve used just Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein and the results couldn’t be better!  My strength and mass have gone up immensly thanks to your products!

Dylan S. 2013-06-10

I wanted to let your company know that I’ve seen great results using your Super Advanced Whey Protein and that Chocolate Peanut Butter is the most amazing flavor of protein I’ve ever tried. Thank you for making an affordable product for a struggling college student like myself.

Chris Q. 2013-05-12

Your Super Advanced Whey Protein has wonderful taste and a price tag that fits my budget.  I drink your Whey Protein right after my workouts and can see an immense difference in my overall training.  I love Hunting, Golfing and Fishing and at 45 years old your products keeps me at the top of my game.  The flavors are rich and delicious and I mix them together for a variety of flavors.

Natalie T. 2013-05-08

I have been using your products, specifically Super Advanced Whey Protein (every flavor I can get my hands) as well as the Super Advanced Creatine HP. I could not be happier with your products and constantly find myself informing friends about the value, quality, taste, BCAAs and solubility of your products. The results have been great and I look forward to seeing new products and flavors in the future. Kudos on the products and keep up the good work!

Nicholas W. 2013-04-22

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your product.  I’ve gone through a bunch of different Whey Protein powders and they all pretty much taste chalky.  Yours does not at all though, it tastes very good and I’ve noticed very good results as well. I’ve enjoyed both the Strawberry and Chocolate Peanut Butter.  Now I´m looking forward to when my Strawberry runs out to try the Cookies N´ Cream next!

Cody R. 2013-04-02

I have been taking all 3 of those Body Fortress products for years.  I purchase Body Fortress because they are affordable and can be purchased at many locations.  I been taking supplements for over 20 years and have tried many different brands.  I have found other brands to taste worse and some that did not mix well at all.  All of that with a higher price.  I stick with Body Fortress, I get results, when training and when balancing my bank account.

Dave H. 2013-03-24

Your products have allowed me to achieve my daily protein needs and saved me hundreds of dollars in the process. I always recommended your products to friends who are looking for quality supplements at a low price. Thanks guys for helping me transform my body. Your supplements can help everyone achieve there goals, whether it be cutting, or adding mass.

Jason R. 2013-03-24

At the age of 61 I decided to get really serious and get fit and strong.  I used another product that in time wasn’t doing anything for me - so I found Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein at Walmart.  Within a couple of weeks I noticed that I was getting bigger and stronger.  I kept at it and within time I had leg pressed 750 lbs.  I also was able to cable curl 110 lbs.

Roger P. 2013-03-23

When I needed to find a cost effective protein powder, I picked up Super Advanced Whey Protein at our local WalMart. It was great in either milk or water.  I have used all flavors and keep them in my pantry at all times.  It´s Cost effective, good taste, great flavors, and mixes well...can’t beat that!

Leora S. 2013-03-20

Thank you so much for developing this awesome Super Advanced Whey Protein. I started changing my life last year by eating right and running every day.  My dad introduced me to your Chocolate flavored protein and after 1 sip I was HOOKED!  It was my reward after every run and I now drink one shake daily. Thank you for this awesome Guilt Free Treat!

Haley J. 2013-03-03

My whole family are health and fitness nuts. We ski, surf, mountain bike, run, play tennis and lift weights. Super Advanced Whey Protein has given us the energy and increased strength to work out harder and longer. We are all Body Fortress Fit!

Tommy B. 2013-02-22

My husband has been using Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder for as long as I have known him and he has attested to me that his ability to be able to stay in shape has been because of your products. What I particularly love about Body Fortress is how inexpensive it is, especially for protein powder. Body Fortress is a high quality product that my husband has remained loyal to. He is active duty Army and during his recent deployment to Afghanistan he would often request that I send him Body Fortress Whey Protein. Thank you for making such a wonderful product that my husband loves.

Lisa C. 2013-02-13

I take the Super NOS Blast before my training and WOW...I feel more focused and I feel stronger during my whole workout. Then after my workout I take Super Advanced Whey Protein.  Thank You Body Fortress

Steve S. 2013-02-02

I was using a "popular" protein from a "popular" store until one day I came across your Super Advanced Whey Protein. It was 33% of the price of the one I was currently on, and contained MORE protein than the stuff I was using. I gave it a try and haven’t looked back since. I have told every member in my gym about it, and I´m sharing information daily. Why buy an overpriced protein powder when you can have one that contains everything you want and need for less? Keep up the terrific work, I LOVE IT!

Aaron T. 2013-01-17

I have tried pretty much every protein out there, including all sorts of expensive Isolates, Concentrates and Blends. This Chocolate Peanut Butter protein is by far the best tasting protein I have ever used.  It also provided me with gains that I’m still seeing. I use this everyday and love how affordable it is and will continue to use it for as long as its being made!

Kirk C. 2013-01-16

I’m an amateur MMA fighter and coach. The first product I tried was Super Advanced Creatine HP and I noticed explosive energy and a decrease in muscle fatigue. I tried other more expensive products and compared them. I’ve realized I get better results without breaking my wallet. The Super NOS Blast works just as good as other pre-workouts I’ve tried, and the Super Advanced Whey Protein is the best tasting protein supplement I’ve ever had.

Robert L. 2012-12-14

I used to spend tons of money on other products then I saw this product sitting on the shelf at walmart. I was like "15 bucks???" Does it work? I tried the protein and creatine and saw major strength and MASS gains in a matter of weeks! I’ve been using these products for over 4 months now and don’t plan to go back to the old supplements!

Quinton S. 2012-12-13

I’m 24 years old and throughout High School I was overweight, eating unhealthy, and my back was always killing me. About 18 1/2 months ago, I decided enough was enough. I decided that I was going to change my old ways. The first thing I did was got rid of soda and junk food which was my biggest problem. After that I started eating healthy. I added Eggs, Fish, Brown Rice, Chicken, Yogurt, Green, Tea, Milk, and Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein to my diet. I also started to exercise 3 times a week.  I used Body Fortress Super Advance Whey Protein to maintain energy levels and add to my daily protein intake.

Robert C. 2012-12-13

I love the Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut butter.  I drink it every morning for breakfast and a few time a week for snack. It provides the protein I need to stave off hunger, keep up energy and keep off extra lbs.

Lori S. 2012-12-13

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